Einstein’s Letter “E = mc²” Sold for $ 1.2 Million

A letter written by Einstein with the formula ‘E = mc²’, which is accepted as the basic formula of mass-energy equivalence, was sold at auction for 1.2 million dollars. The value of the letter, written in 1946, was set at $ 400,000, but the price sold at the end of the contentious auction session tripled the value set.

German-born theoretical physicist widely regarded as one of history’s greatest physicists Of Einstein one of his personal memories, Sold for $ 1.2 million at auction. Einstein’s letter, which was sold for about 10 million lira, contained one of the most famous theories in history.

Einstein’s letter, presented to enthusiasts at a recent auction session, was sold for millions of times its monetary value 75 years after it was written. Letter written to be sent to a US physicist, the most famous equation in history It also bore the phrase ‘E = mc²’.

The letter was sold for 3 times the price set:

einstein letter


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The letter written 75 years ago by Albert Einstein, who is considered to be one of the greatest scientists of our age, found buyers for millions of lira. Letter, 1946 American physicist of Polish origin in Ludwig Silberstein’a was written to be sent. The letter containing the formula ‘E = mc²’ engraved in the memory of even people who are not closely related to physics, RR Negotiation House was put up for auction by.

In physics The basic formula for mass-energy equivalence to the letter containing ‘E = mc²’, which is accepted as 400 thousand dollars, that is 3.3 million TL, was valued. However, the auction process was contentious and the price of the letter reached a number much higher than expected. In addition to the letter in question, other letters also written by Einstein went on sale. However, this letter was sold for 1.2 million dollars, perhaps due to the reputation of the testimony on it.

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