Electric Smart Toothbrush Pomabrush Draw Concluded

The electric smart toothbrush Pomabrush draw, which we started last week, has been concluded. Here are the winners and the reserve winners.

In a video published recently, an electric smart toothbrush with an investment of 4 million TL Pomabrush reviewed and bought one of this product. We will present it to you, our valued followers. we announced. Today, the winner of Pomabrush, which draws attention with features such as charging only 3 times a year, 15 thousand vibrations per minute and different titles, has been announced.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 Last entries to the draw, which started on the day of 8 June 2021 Tuesday the day is over. As we stated in the drawing form, the winner Friday, June 11, 2021 we are announcing today.

Our winner of the Pomabrush electric smart toothbrush:


  • Mert Can Arisoy
  • Furkan Pektas
  • Murat Barutcu
  • Bahaddin Hisami

Warning: An e-mail will be sent to the winner. Receiving the e-mail that you won, The person who does not respond within 7 days will lose their right.. In this case, the reward is to the alternate winners will be transferred. The prize will be delivered to the winner via courier. Shipping fee belongs to Webtekno.

Thank you to all our followers who showed interest in our draw:

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