Electronic Arts Will Continue Making Star Wars Games

In a galaxy not far away, gaming companies continued to compete to grab as many shares of the Star Wars cake as they could. Including Electronic Arts.

Lucasfilm Games It created a big surge in the game world after it was established. Walt disney The purpose of the studio established under its roof, such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones George Lucas’dan To ensure the development of games of purchased productions.

After the new roof company is established, Indiana Jones The game was announced. Then came the news of new productions such as Ubisoft’s open world Star Wars game. These explanations Star Wars and although it excited the game lovers, they were confused within the industry.

EA wants to continue making Star Wars games

battlefront 2

George Lucas Star Wars After selling the series to Disney Lucas Arts The game studio named was also closed. In 2013, only one month after the studio was shut down, the right to make Star Wars games was granted for 10 years. Electronic Arts’a It was made private.

In the new era, Electronic Arts Star Wars his future in his plays became a matter of debate. Some people thought EA would lose their rights in the Star Wars games. Some people from two different branches He thought he was coming.


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From Electronic Arts, a Twitter sharing came. Although there is not much information about how the process will continue in this post, Electronic Arts Easy going It can be clearly seen that he will follow a strategy.

“We Love Star Wars”