Elon is larger than life in Oklahoma – and the nuclear fallout in the Tesla cockpit

In California, Elon Musk recently got in touch with the local authorities so that the Tesla plant there can continue production despite the coronavirus crisis. He even threatened to move the company’s headquarters to another state, where one is more open to the needs of the economy. And candidates for it find and even draw attention to themselves – the promotion of a company settlement and the cult of Musk’s person have brought a new bizarre, gigantic blossom in Oklahoma: In the city of Tulsa a 23-meter-high Musk statue was unveiled.

The internet is full of hot IT news and stale pr0n. In between there are always pearls that are too good for / dev / null.

It is the remodeling of an existing statue of a worker next to an oil production tower from 1966. The sixth tallest statue in the country was decorated with a Tesla logo on the chest and the words “Tesla” on the belt buckle (where “Tulsa” otherwise stands) ) Mistake. Attempts were also made to adapt the face to the appearance of the Tesla co-founder.

The mayor of the second largest city in Oklahoma proudly announced on Twitter that entrepreneurs are worshiped here and not “suffocated”. The location policy promotion is only designed for a limited time. Despite the ban, the Tesla plant in Fremont, California had started operating; Musk brought Texas and Nevada into play as potential new headquarters locations.

Anyone who already owns a Tesla can look forward to a special extra: With the software update 2020.20, the manufacturer is distributing the game “Fallout Shelter” for the arcade function, which you can use to play various video games on the screen in the center console in a parked car . There are already titles like 2048, Asteroids as well as one of the planned Atari titles Super Breakout.

The 2015 Bethesda title is a release from the Fallout game series in the simulation genre, which is located in a post-apocalyptic world. The JuliansRandomProject YouTube channel already showed a video of the game.

Play a game of “Fallout Shelter” in the Tesla


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