Elon Musk Donated to an Astra Nova School

Technology billionaire Elon Musk donated the opening of an online school for $ 7,500 a week, according to a report shared by The Daily Beast. The school, which operates in Los Angeles, is said to be founded by Musk’s family office head, Jared Birchall.

Founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX companies Elon Muskfounded five years ago by taking five children from the country’s most prestigious schools. Name Astra He had been placed. Later, the school started to educate the children of some SpaceX employees as well.critical idea’ It is known as an institution on which it is trained.

According to the news of The Daily Beast, angry number Musk, who teaches the student, is in Los Angeles snow oriented He made the first donation to a school. According to the files created by the Daily Beast September The school named Astra Nova, which is planned to be opened in the month of July, is the head of Elon Musk’s family office Jared Birchall was founded by.

An online course of $ 7,500 a week at this school:

Elon musk

Afar educationhas become a new reality for many parents, especially during the coronavirus pandemic we are in. The school where Musk is on the front is in Astra Nova watching this video and To July 10 turning up “Academically serious, creative and kind students between the ages of 8-14” invites to distance education.

The main problem here, according to The Daily Beast, is weekly for one-day online lessons in Astra Nova. $ 7,500 school fees. This is Astra Nova, ultra the rich making it a school that no one can access except for.

on the other hand Joshua Dahn, director of Astra NovaHe told The Daily Beast that Musk was not in the management of the new venture, but confirmed his primitive role. Dahn did In the statement, “Elon made some basic administrative contributions for the first donation and the establishment of Astra Nova. in aid She found. But Elon has no financial interest in school and no children no used expressions.


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Astra Nova from September 2021 full time education plans to give. At this point, neither Elon Musk, nor Jared Birchall, nor anyone from the circle of Musk commented on Musk’s relationship with Astra Nova.

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