Elon Musk Says New Tesla Vehicle Will Fly

Elon Musk says Tesla is working on the production of flying vehicles. We are one of the leaders in the sector, known for their crazy movements; Elon Musk, the company's CEO, today announced his vision of a future transformation and technology through the tweets he shared on his Twitter account.


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Elon Musk with a reply to a tweet with the flying car; Tesla's favorite electric vehicle hinted that the new version of the Roadster would have the ability to fly. Many users have begun to wonder if Elon Musk is joking or not. On top of that, Musk shared another Tweet.


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Elon Musk stating that he did not make jokes with the Tweet he shared; he said that in the case of two seats in the rear, a highly pressurized high pressure vessel will use an extremely high pressure SpaceX cold gas propulsion system. The power of SpaceX's cold-gas propulsion system is said to have the power to fly Tesla's Roadster vehicle – like hovercraft – and far higher than the hovercraft –

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