Empty Speaker with Stereo Enhancement: Sodapop

With the widespread adoption of mobile devices, a new addition has been added to the increasingly diverse and increasingly popular bluetooth loudspeakers.

This new product, which collects funding via Kickstarter, is called Sodapop. At first glance, Sodapop, which looks like an ordinary-simple speaker, is actually a very interesting feature.

Loudspeaker that boosts bass quality

It is also possible to use Sodapop as a similar product.

When you open the cover on the side and place an empty plastic cola bottle there, the color of the work changes quite a bit. the sound quality increases, the speaker adds +10 dB to the sound output, and the bass becomes much better. There is also a scientific basis for this.

The answer given in the question of how to work is satisfactory enough. Because there is a flexible diaphragm in the product just as it is in other speakers.

The lid in the middle of the speaker is directly connected to the diaphragm section. And when the empty cola bottle is attached to that area, it assumes a second diaphragm vial, which is plastic and flexible cola bottle.

The manufacturer also shares the results of the test in a professional audio lab, and says that the device is Sodapop, which gives the best bass quality among portable wireless speakers according to the test. The reason is that Sodapop has more air space than other speakers.