Endgame We Say Goodbye to Invincible Is Coming Back

Endgame is undoubtedly a movie that Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting and waiting for. So, what happens to the Avengers after the losses?

At the beginning of this year, a great adventure for many of us ended: The Avengers. Marvel and comic book fans have become almost a part of the Avengers went missing. But according to the new information obtained; this is our loss new movies We may have a chance to make up with.

MCU Phase 4 Under the name of the audience is planned to meet with the popular Avengers characters fans will have the opportunity to meet again.

Sorry, there will be no resurrected characters.

black widow

One of the characters who said goodbye to the screens and stopped being part of the Avengers team. at least one of themwill come back for a new film. This is news that will make Marvel fans smile. Looking at the other side of the coin; character planned to return will not rise again. So there won't be a character returning from the dead.

In Avengers: Endgame, we said goodbye to the three big names of the team. These three characters Iron Man and Black Widow including. Both Iron Man and Black Widow sacrificed their lives to save other people. Captain America After completing his last mission, he decided to retire. This means that the Avengers have three major shortcomings.


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Of course, this gap will soon be filled with new characters in the speeches. This is the main purpose of MCU Phase 4 and Phase 5; introducing the audience to new heroes and new villains, and the Marvel universe, just like in Endgame, a new legendary story drag right.

The beginning of this new story will begin with a prequel that tells the past.

captain america

This means that we will have a better idea of ​​what happened before the Avengers. The film tells the past who died in Endgame everyone will be alive. Which means we can see Steve Rogers again.

There is one thing that is certain, except for the predictions. He's coming next year. Robert Downey Jr.Will be in Black Widow. This should be enough to alleviate the loss of Iron Man fans.

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