Energy turnaround: Suns rents solar systems and electric cars

Renting instead of selling: The Bavarian company Sonnen sells so far batteries for the home. In the future, it will be renting out additional components for the energy and transport revolution: solar systems and electric cars.

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The concept is for households to provide themselves with clean energy: The solar system produces electricity from sunlight, which is stored in the wall battery when it is not needed, or with which an electric car is charged. Car and solar systems are not sold by suns, but rented.

The solar system is available for about 70 to 80 euros per month. The rent for the solar system and the cost of electricity from the tin, if the demand is higher than what the modules on the roof deliver, should be similar to what customers pay otherwise every other month at a green electricity provider.

In addition Sonnen offers electric cars for rent. The prerequisite is that the tenant is already a customer of the provider. There are different models to choose from – from the small car Renault Zoe to the Jaguar SUV I-Pace. The cheapest model is the Zoe, which offers suns for 250 euros a month. Start of sun Drive is early next year.

According to Sonnen, the difference to a conventional leasing model is that the contracts do not run for several years. The terms start at six months. After that, the customer can end the rent, extend it or rent another car. This is possible because the so-called sun-community is now big enough, that the company as a large buyer get favorable terms from the manufacturers, explains the provider.

Similar short terms as the electric car, there are not in the solar systems. Since the modules are relatively expensive to install, the minimum rental period is 20 years. The customer can also buy the system during the term at the current time value. The facility is part of Sun Community, the sun of the first decentralized energy community in Germany, whose members provide each other with clean electricity.

"The energy transition must be simple and affordable". said Christoph Ostermann, Founder and boss of the company. "That's why we are eliminating barriers to entry right where the energy transition is taking place, namely with the people at home."