Epic Games Store Shares 2019 Overview

Steam's arch rival, Epic Games Store, shared details of how it destroyed the place in 2019. In the blog post shared with the company, the countries with the highest number of active users were also included.

Epic Games Store shared its blog post in 2020 will continue to distribute free games announced other achievements of the platform. According to Epic's share, millions of players using the platform in 2019 $ 680 million spending.

The $ 680 million generated by Epic Games 215 million of it spent on third party computer games. This is probably due to the fact that Fortnite is still Epic Games' main source of income. According to some reports Fortnite in 2019 $ 1.8 billion income. However, the number of games received free of charge from the platform More than 200 million as announced.

Epic Games Store successfully closed 2019:

epic games store

The sharing of the company is in a way against the criticisms and discussions that continued throughout 2019. declaration of victory was interpreted as. The company was criticized by players and developers in 2019, especially when it attracted a few exclusive games to its own platform.

Despite all this, Epic Games, which has achieved great revenue and success, has probably shared its description to attract other developers to its platform. But what Epic Games offers developers is not only the data it provides, policy also includes.

Epic Games Store, the developer-friendly policy of revenue generated from game sales 88% of the pays back to the developers. So every sale that the company makes 12% of the account. Thus, the platform is seen as a very reasonable place for developers.

Epic Games Store's top countries:

epic games store

Epic Games Store also shared active user percentages by country. Most active users by this list US with a share of 17.2%Russia took the second place. Other countries in the top five are China, Brazil and Germany.


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Epic Games Store's shared chart Turkey # 15 ranks. The number of users actively using Epic Games Store in our country % 1,57's the Creating.

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