Episode IX's Scenario Is Too Scary

An exciting privilege for someone to read the new Star Wars film script. But it can be very scary to be exciting. At least Domhnall Gleeson thinks so.

Domhnall Gleeson is an actor we know in the Star Wars films as General Hux, and in Ex Machina as Caleb. Gleeson shared his feelings after reading the screenplay of Episode IX in the recent "Happy Sad Confused" podcast he participated in: fear.

Gleeson said in the podcast: "I made a terrible mistake by reading the script entirely," he said. Now I know everything. Now the real nightmare is to fall asleep in public transport … The real nightmare wakes up on the plane and someone tells you what Skywalker has done and you answer. The real nightmare is that you do not know how much spoiler you give, and a child is taking video at this time, someone writing what they say … "


            Doctor Who's Star Matt Smith, Star Wars: Role in Episode IX

Tabiki is one of the burdens brought about by the introduction of this modern movie theater. This, of course, puts all the strese that are in the production. Spoilers can turn into big things, sometimes even sensational news on the internet. Some studios do not even give a scenario to the players. That's why we can not blame Domhnall Gleeson too much.

Star Wars: Episode IX will enter the vision in December 2019.