Equipment supplier: Deutsche Telekom relies on Huawei for 5G expansion

When it comes to 5G expansion, Deutsche Telekom is also using the technology of the Chinese supplier Huawei. That got that Handelsblatt confirmed from corporate circles. In addition to Huawei, Telekom is also relying on the Swedish supplier Ericsson to modernize its network.

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As is well known, Telekom's Radio Access Network (RAN) largely consists of hardware and software from Huawei. The federal government has not yet submitted the amendment to the Telecommunications Act and the IT Security Act 2.0 with specifications for Huawei.

Telekom announced in December: "Given the unclear political situation, we are currently not entering into any 5G contracts with any manufacturer." To date, the group has not officially moved away from this statement. The network operators Vodafone and Telefónica, on the other hand, had said months ago that they also rely on Huawei technology for the 5G expansion in Germany.

A Telekom spokeswoman argued that the announced expansion of 5G will not create a new network, but upgrade the existing infrastructure. In many cases, a software update is enough to make existing technology fit for 5G. "So it is a modernization of existing technology. And as is known, it mainly consists of Ericsson and Huawei"said the spokeswoman. Huawei did not want to comment on contracts with customers when asked.

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