Ericsson Will Bring Internet to Anywhere with Ribbon Antennas

Ericsson, with its newly developed ribbon antenna technology, aims to build a system that serves a base station, which takes up much smaller space, and thus carries the internet connection everywhere with high quality.

. So much so; In the next few years, 5G internet technology is expected to reach many points in the world. While the world is preparing to switch to 5G internet technology, we cannot even transfer 4G data signals to all users efficiently. The existing base station technologies cause the technical infrastructure to fail to reach the desired level.


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The Swedish company, Ericsson, claims that it has developed an alternative to base stations that cannot provide sufficient infrastructure. In statements on the subject of Ericsson Turkey General Manager Isil Yalcin, Ericsson, everywhere that offer high and robust radio performance with a base station antenna system concept to provide an internet connection and easy-to mobile networks, will bring rapid founded and flexible structures, he said.

"All Our engineers, researchers and scientists in the world determine the agenda of the sector.


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Yalcin, who says that high-performance and high-security internet connection with new frequencies and antennas can be provided with transmitters in smaller forms, continued his statements as follows; Uz As a company, we are trying to bring the dimensions of the antenna to a small size. In our laboratories, we are developing small and flexible antennas that can be integrated into the adhesive tape. These antennas, which we call the Ericsson Radio Bands, will be able to provide internet connection in certain areas and from anywhere. I

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