Establishing a Film Plate for Istanbul's Hollywood

One of the big hurdles ahead of the Turkish cinema's failure to make high-budget productions is about to take off.

As you know, important film producers like Cem Yilmaz of our country have to build their own plots in rural areas for serious décor and films that require wide area. Yahshi West, A.R.O.G.

While a high-budget Filmin filming can last up to 1 year, it is also very important for a team that is almost entirely on stage to feel comfortable. A variety of recreational facilities and comfortable working conditions mean a much better quality production and an industrialized Turkish cinema in the long run. There is a new step taken in this context: The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the green light of the plateau project brought by Eyüp Municipality

The only drawback to the platon to be built in Istanbul for now is that it will cause traffic problems. Trees located on the Black Sea coast where the necessary steps, and Odayeri Çiftalan area where the village will be Turkey's Hollywood.


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