Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash July 13 price analysis

Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash 13 July price analysis and up-to-date charts are in our knowledge.

Ethereum July 13 price analysis: ETH / USD can be recovered

    • The ETH price deepened the decline against the US dollar and went down to the level of $ 417
    • The most critical move this week in the ETH / USD hourly chart fell below resistance at $ 438, the trend line still stays active
    • over $ 440 on the wire is critical to the passage of the healing

    The price of Ethereum is slightly upwards in a slow momentum towards Bitcoin and the Dollar.

     Ethereum Price Analysis ETH USD

    When we look at the graph, we see that the ETH price is going up to 417 dollars. But he faces a few resistance points. These resistance points seem to have formed at $ 438 and $ 445. If the $ 445 can be passed steadily, we can see the rise accelerating.

    Important Technical Indicators for Ethereum

    Hourly MACD: moving to ascending territory

    Hourly RSI: over 50 level

    If the downward course is a downward movement, the support levels to be encountered are $ 428 and $ 417.

    Ripple The important details of the July 13 price outlook are as follows:

    • The main resistance level: $ 417

      Main resistance level: $ 444

      Ripple 13 July price analysis: rapid recovery in XRP / USD [

    • The XRP / USD hourly chart showed a new bearish line under resistance at $ 0.4450
    • There is a slow recovery in the currency but there is a slowdown for confirmation $ 0.4450 is broken and $ 0.45 is needed to resist

    The price of the ripple is $ bounce low back bounce. ” width=”662″ height=”333″ data-recalc-dims=”1″/> ” width=”662″ height=”333″ data-recalc-dims=”1″/> Ripple Price Analysis XRP USD ” width=”662″ height=”333″ data-recalc-dims=”1″/>

    When we look at the graph, we see that the price is slightly improved, but resistance levels of 0.4450 and 0.45 dollars can not be easily overtaken It looks.

    Important technical indicators for Ripple are as follows:

    Hourly MACD: in the ascending zone

    Hourly RSI: above the 60th level [19659000] Bitcoin Cash 13 July price analysis: BCH / USD 100 Can you beat the SMA?

    Bitcoin Cash 13 July

    • When Bitcoin Cash declined against the dollar and found support at $ 660
    • Looking at the BCH / USD hourly chart, the most critical move this week was that a critical downward line still existed under resistance of $ 718
    • Paritenin breaking $ 720 and 100 SMA is very important for gains to increase

    Bitcoin Cash price against dollar 680 the dollar tends to recover slowly over the dollar.

     Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

    When we look at the chart, we see that the price is jumping sharply from 662 dollars.

    Technical indicators for Bitcoin Cash:

    Hourly MACD: returning to the ascending zone

    Hourly RSI: above the level of 50

    Main Support Point: $ 680

    Main Resistance Point: $ 720


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