eToro Manager: Creation of Crypto Money Market Decline Companies

ETORO's UK account has some clarifications about the crypto money that the platform thinks it will not add in the future, and commented on how the crypto money industry is perceived in general. Talking about the decline that the crypto money industry has experienced over the past few months, the eToro manager also said that the decline actually "helped" in secret to crypto money companies.

There are six new coins on eToro's radar

EToro Iqbal Gandham, general manager of the platform in the UK, said the platform is now reviewing six new coils and that four or five of them can be added to the platform. Gandham emphasized that the company team is currently conducting detailed research on these six koins and that they have studied the structure of that koin before adding a tie.

We know how the crypto money market has been declining over the last few months. Gandham thinks that this decline has some positive aspects. Thanks to this decline, crypto money companies and stock markets have started to welcome market demand more easily. Gandham also said crypto money companies and stock exchanges saw this decline as an opportunity to make various system updates. Gandham, who talked about the impact of the company on the downfall, said:

"Many stock markets will agree that the market needs to fall. Last year we were forced to catch up with a student. It was actually a blessing for us this year. "

Crypto Money Sense

Gandham also talked about how crypto money is perceived in the mainstream media. Gandham crypto, general manager of the company, weighed in the money sector, overrun with things like price variability, money laundering and happiness chain . Speaking about how the market is perceived, Gandham said:

"We need to change the way the crypto money is perceived. We hear the wrong comments about crypto money. The development of e-mail lasted 35 years. We've been in this business for eight, nine years. We have to wait four or five more years for the mainstream to change. EBay had scaling problems. It's Amazon. I hope that this obsolete argument is no longer used against the crypto paradise. "

It is possible to see comments in the mainstream media that Bitcoin is a" money laundering tool " Although not so often, there are also comments that Bitcoin is a "happiness chain" . Gandham also spoke on this topic:

"I'm sick of seeing words in the form of a fake chain. It's not a fake chain. Bitcoin never promised anyone a steady gain. The price-variability of crypto money is also decreasing every year.

Gandham also spoke about the recent writing by Eddie Hughes, a member of the British Parliament, on Blockchain. Gandham thinks that more of this kind of writing should be done, and that the crypto money will change like this.