EU allegedly pays 7 million euros to SAP and Telekom for corona warning app

According to a report by the European Commission, for the establishment of an EU-wide corona warning platform Wirtschaftswoche around 13 million euros from the ESI emergency fund. The platform is intended to make it possible to use the national corona warning apps, which have previously been strictly separate, across borders.

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7 million euros flow according to the report of Wirtschaftswoche by the beginning of 2021 for development and installation to the groups SAP and Deutsche Telekom, around 3 million euros are earmarked for maintenance by the end of 2021 An additional 3 million euros are available in the pot as development subsidies for EU countries that want to connect their apps to the warning platform.

The development of the German Corona warning app and the operation of the infrastructure will cost a total of around 68 million euros by the end of 2021. With the EU warning gateway, the effort for the two German groups is significantly lower. The EU operates the server itself and there is also no call center offered.

The federal corona warning app will be expanded to include two functions this Monday. On the one hand, those who have tested positive can voluntarily enter symptoms of illness in a kind of diary in order to be able to implement warnings from contacts even more precisely. In addition, the app will work beyond the borders of Germany in some European countries. The establishment of the EU Federation Gateway Service (EFGS) was necessary for this. This central gateway saves the establishment of bilateral interfaces between the respective member states.

The German app has now been downloaded around 19.6 million times. Experts assume that the application is actively used by around 16 million people in Germany. Most recently, the daily download figures tripled to around 100,000. The new version 1.5 is expected in the Apple and Google app stores on Monday afternoon.

With the update, the apps from Germany, Ireland and Italy exchange warnings across countries in the first step. Other countries, including Denmark, Latvia and Spain, want to follow shortly afterwards, countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic are expected in November. According to the report of the Wirtschaftswoche up to 16 national apps can be linked. Version 1.5 of the German Corona app makes the European connection in the background: users do not have to do anything to activate the EU mode. Users in other countries sometimes have to activate the function themselves.


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