EU Brought a New Arrangement for Phone Chargers

Our phones, which are all under the hand, can cause us troubles in charging for many times.

As you know, the telephone market is one of the liveliest on the market, and the European Union (EU), which wants to make an arrangement on this issue, plans to force phone manufacturers to use standard chargers. Increasing use and developing devices due to supply demand imbalance brings with it the problem of charging. The European Union plans to investigate whether it is necessary for phone consumers to force them to use standard chargers.

In a study envisaging the prohibition of proprietary chargers, including Apple's non-standard Lightning connector, all users can find a charger that is much more convenient at the moment.


            Logitech's iPhone-specific Charger: Powered

Manufacturers using different types of charge heads that are more than ten years old are, of course, dissatisfied with this necessity. Companies that will be forced out of their brands and features may experience difficult moments because manufacturers can not use their old chargers. Of course this will affect not only the producers but also the consumers. So much so that when customers receive a new phone, they continue to use their old chargers.

For the time being, most brands use similar chargers, however, if this idea sought goes into effect, this habit will also be set. There is one company that uses a USB Type-C connector, which is moving in much different ways than the others. As an exception, Apple is not pleased if this idea spreads and is accepted.