EU sanctions against hackers: Russia plans countermeasures, China “deeply concerned”

Moscow threatens to take action against European Union sanctions for several suspected hacking attacks from Russia and China. Such an unfriendly act should of course not go unanswered, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday in Moscow. “As always, this will be ‘mirror image’ in diplomacy.” Brussels made this decision without evidence and under a far-fetched pretext. It is obvious that there are political backgrounds.

The Chinese government has been “deeply concerned” about the European Union’s proposed sanctions against several hackers from China. Foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told the Beijing press on Friday that developments were being closely monitored. Tracking cyber attacks is highly complex and delicate. The EU itself said that the measures were not aimed at a specific country. China hopes that the EU and its members “will not take punitive or confrontational measures”. China itself is one of the victims of cyber attacks.

The EU had imposed sanctions on several hackers from Russia and China for the first time the previous day. Four Russian specialists are affected, and the EU accuses them of attempting a cyber attack on the organization for the ban on chemical weapons in The Hague. In addition, the main center for special technologies of the Russian military secret service GRU and two alleged members of the Chinese hacker group APT10 are listed.


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