European Union's New Directive on Digital Money Comes

The fifth directive, prepared by the European Union against the money laundering system (AML), entered into force on 9 July.

In addition to the new rules published, a press release on the issue was also shared by the European Commission, and "had to be paid through pre-paid cards " and to" digital money exchange platforms "more stringent rules will be applied in the field of transparency.

"The Fifth AML Directive will increase cooperation and information transfer between AML auditors, including the European Central Bank."

In its article published by the Commission, the Commission is taking a strong measure against the illegal use of digital money

"In order to combat such things as money laundering and terrorism financing, the areas of use of digital money need to be watched by competent authorities."

According to the Commission, authorities are effectively monitoring digital money transactions

"The National Financial Intelligence Units must be able to access the information necessary to access the identity of the transaction owner at their purse address."