Europe’s Fastest Growing Crypto Currency Exchange: Bitpanda

Turkey is one of the countries with the most cryptocurrency investors in the world. However, most people make their investments with hearsay information or a moment’s excitement. For this reason, the options for where to invest are not much known. Today we want to introduce you to one of those options, Bitpanda.

Our habits of investing with crypto money have changed and the number of investors has started to increase significantly. Crypto money exchanges, on the other hand, made the investment so that everyone can understand and apply it. Bitpanda Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange at first Including more than 50 cryptocurrencies It also offers investment opportunities in stocks and precious metals in European countries.

Among the investors of Bitpanda, the country’s first Unicorn company, shortly after starting its operations in Austria in 2014 Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal supported by Valar Ventures. As you know, PayPal is a company built on the foundations of for online payment systems. The foundation of Peter Thiel and Valar Ventures investment is an important detail that creates confidence in Bitpanda’s future.

Bitpanda’s trend volume is more than 2 billion euros today. also The newly established Turkey team of 400 people offers investors more than 10 investment and payment products.

Trading in more than 50 cryptocurrencies:


Those who want to invest in crypto money for the first time with a powerful easy buy / sell function and those who do not compromise on security Can choose Bitpanda. Security is the top priority for Bitpanda, which opens a company in Turkey and has a physical office. Don’t worry about Bitpanda, which always offers secure services to its users.

Easy deposits and withdrawals:

More than 50 cryptocurrencies and bitcoins listed Mainly Turkish lira You can also invest in currencies such as euro, dollar, Swiss franc, pound. You can even top up with Papara for your trading transactions in Turkey. Moreover, you also have the freedom to trade every hour of the day. Of course, options such as EFT / Money Order, credit or debit card are also offered for those who prefer.

A secure cryptocurrency exchange compliant with legal regulations:

bitpanda pro

Bitpanda has a structure that supports legal regulations in all countries it serves, especially in European countries. Even providing consultancy and tax audit services By KPMG cold wallets are regularly audited every year. Bitpanda’s statement on legal regulations and audits is as follows;

“Bitpanda GmbH is a digital asset service provider registered with the French Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) under FM-GwG under the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) and PACTE law. Bitpanda Payments GmbH has a PSD2 license. ”

All services offered by Bitpanda are as follows:

  • Bitpanda Broker: The main service where you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin, Best and more than 50 cryptocurrencies. It has both a website and an application. You can buy, sell or store cryptocurrency through Bitpanda as if you were buying foreign currency from a bank or ordering a meal. You can deposit or withdraw money via EFT / Money Order, Credit / Debit card or Papara. You can also make free transfers to other Bitpanda users.
  • Bitpanda Pro: It is a secure European Exchange platform for Bitpanda’s Crypto-Fiat markets. Bitpanda, which offers low commission trading transactions, can make clearing transactions in accordance with EU standards legally. Regularly, exchange competitions are held for those who have traded at the highest volumes for two weeks in Altcoin-Fiat trading pairs and up to EUR 10,000 in BTC. By connecting trading bots, you can optimize your cryptocurrency trading strategy. You can also download historical market data or place orders via REST and Websocket API. Bitpanda Pro’s application will be released very soon.

  • Bitpanda Crypto Basket: With one click, you can watch Bitpanda Crypto Basket automatically invest in its various portfolio with the most valuable 5, 10 or 25 cryptocurrencies according to market size and liquidity. The crypto cart automatically adjusts the weight in your portfolio over time so you don’t miss the next big jumps. Thus, you get rid of the difficulty of following the developing crypto market.
  • Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST): Anyone who uses BEST to pay transaction fees on Bitpanda and Bitpanda Pro gets a 20% discount. Some of the BEST spent on transaction fees on the Bitpanda platform is burned every three months until 50% of the total BEST is destroyed. This means that the supply is steadily decreasing.

  • Bitpanda Savings: With Bitpanda Savings, you can invest automatically without the stress of market timing. By connecting your credit card, you can deposit a certain part of your spend in cryptocurrency.
  • Bitpanda To Go: It is known as Bitpanda’s “Gift Card” or “Voucher” product. With the Bitpanda To Go card, you can buy cash easily, securely and at affordable prices from any store. You can then easily convert this card to Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, IOTA and more online within seconds.
  • Bitpanda Swap: It allows you to instantly exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Moreover, the wallet service is included.

You can download the Bitpanda mobile app to your mobile devices below: