Evan Spiegel's Life Moves to Screens

The life of founder of a social media platform after Mark Zuckerberg comes to life again.

In 2010, Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg's story about how he set up Facebook was transferred to the big screen. It seems that a similar job will be carried out for Snapchat's founder, Evan Spiegel, this time.

The Frat Boy Genius will be screened on the Quibi platform, where Spiegel's life and the beginning of Snapchat will be told. Quibi will be a broadcasting platform with short-term videos. The idea behind the creation of the platform is to move HBO-quality arrays to a YouTube-like platform.

The new broadcasting platform is expected to meet users first in April next year, and is scheduled to run on a new series every Monday. The series that will be published on the platform will be short and independent sections.


            Snapchat looking for old days with candle, new design for Android will be published at the end of the year

The Hollywood studios behind Quibi have invested $ 1 billion in the platform, but they are also curious about what the broadcasting service will do against competitors like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon.