Eve Echoes Coming to Mobile Platforms

The world famous game EVE Online turned its target to mobile platforms. Eve aims to bring her new game called Echoes to her users in August.

Eve echoes plans to meet with users in August. As the name suggests, it hosts many users worldwide EVE Online will be the mobile version of the game.

EVE Online, computer-based, space a themed MMO game. This game, the foundations of which were laid in 2003, has a huge audience worldwide. The producer company decided to carry this success to mobile devices. A promotional video for the incredibly detailed mobile game Eve Echoes has also been released.

Eve Echoes may break new ground in her mobile game dream

In this space MMO game developed for 3 years, there are more than 8,000 solar systems that you can travel as you wish. Eve Echoes offers the opportunity to fight artificial intelligence between users, or with your friends. Offering a compilation of in-game visuals, the company proves to us how detailed and intense the game has been.

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Offering highly developed mining, trade and industrial mechanics outside of the war, Eve Echoes believes it will appeal to a wide range of players.


EVE Online's Mobile Game EVE Echoes' Beta Released for Some Countries

As we can see from the promotional films, the average online we understand that there is no game. Eve Echoes, which has cinematic components, also shared a cinematic promotional video to indicate that she attached importance to her story.

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NetEase Games and CCP Games Thanks to the partnership with companies, Eve Echoes aims to be an unrivaled online game. If you want to be one of the first users of the game when we arrive in August, from the game's site You have the opportunity to pre-register.

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