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The logistics platform gives e-commerce, wholesale and retail companies access to a European network of renowned and independent logistics partners. Everstox solutions help retailers efficient storage and delivery processes thanks to uniform interfaces to all common warehouse management systems (WMS systems).

The logistics platform can be directly connected to web shops such as Shopify, ERP systems or marketplaces such as eBay, thus ensuring automated Real-time transmission of all order and inventory data from the retailer’s shop system and the warehouse management system of the relevant logistics partner.

Logistics platform: Real-time transparent warehouse logistics

With its API-based platform, everstox wants to position itself as the first provider and intermediary between retailers and logistics service providers and to close a gap in the current range of services offered by traditional warehouse and fulfillment providers. The latter often work with various WMS systems as well as access interfaces and manual data transfer via email or CSV files.

The various data sources are often prone to errors, cost manual labor, and there are significant barriers that provide an overview and the Control over inventory management and fulfillment processes make it almost impossible. With the everstox logistics platform, e-commerce, wholesale and retail companies can standardize the many different data flows and manage them clearly and in full transparency and real time via a single interface.

Logistics platform: tracking and tracing of orders

All order and warehouse information is available to the user in a clear dashboard. The tracking and tracing of orders is just as possible as the replenishment of inventory or that Set up automatic alerts to prevent delivery bottlenecks. However, the platform is more than just a software solution: Depending on requirements, dealers and suppliers can seamlessly integrate different warehouses into their logistics process and set up a flexible, scalable logistics and distribution network across Europe with just a click of the mouse.

More flexibility through European logistics partner network

Everstox thus offers the unbeatable USP of a European network of qualified and independent logistics partners. This ensures more flexibility, independence, security of supply failure and thus a considerable risk minimization for the dealer. The everstox team finds for every individual project the ideal logistics partner and enables retail companies to build up their warehouse structure across different markets and channels flexibly and independently of individual providers and finally to bring their products to the market independently of giants such as Amazon.

Faster delivery times and better environmental balance

This platform approach not only creates synergies between dealers and logistics partners, but also enables thanks to dynamic supply chains with flexible warehouse locations and shorter transport routes faster delivery times, lower transport costs as well as a better environmental balance of deliveries. All of this ensures an optimized end customer experience and thus improves customer loyalty.

Boris Bösch, co-managing director of everstox, on the Entry into the market for logistics solutions: “The future of logistics lies in flexible warehousing. We are seeing increasing interest in our platform – a clear sign of the growing demand for efficient logistics and fulfillment services. With our solution, we enable complete transparency, flexibility and scalability – all the prerequisites that e-commerce, wholesalers and retailers have to meet today to be competitive. ”

everstox was founded by Boris Bösch, Johannes Tress and Felix Haberland. The start-up is supported by the pre-seed fund Flash Ventures and operates the technology platform of the same name, which offers a scalable and data-controlled warehouse management solution for e-commerce, wholesale and retail via a network of European logistics service providers. The company is currently building up the first technology-driven network of renowned warehouse logistics and fulfillment partners and aims to enable transparent, efficient and ecologically valuable logistics solutions across Europe. (sg)

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