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What is Tea Plant?

Tea is an agricultural plant that grows in humid climates, which are used to produce beverages of leaves and buds of the tea family. Although the motherland is South and Southeast Asia, it is also grown in tropical and tropical regions around the world. For agricultural purposes, 2 plants are green plants in the appearance of a small tree under the rule. When released, he will win a 9-meter-long tree form. It has a strong main horse.

 Tea Plant
View of Tea Plant
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Oolong Stream
  • Kukicha Stream [19659000] Green Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Green Tea
  • The green tea is a tree, tea black tea and oolong tea are produced through different oxidation levels. On the other hand Kukicha tea (19459019) The tea is obtained from the leaves and shoots extensively from the leaves.
    I will refer to these tea species below.

    1-How to Produce Green Tea and Usefulness [19659021] For black tea leaves are slowly dried. In green tea leaves are collected and dried quickly without losing time is provided. When oxygen enters the reaction with the black tea, this reaction is not allowed in the green tea. You will have green tea on this count.

    Harvesting and growing green tea is the same as black tea. The tea plant is made up of different ways of processing different products. The only difference is oxygen reactions. Both have caffeine and antioxidants, but green tea has more antioxidants and less caffeine. Green tea also has its own varieties. These are all about the field of upbringing.

     About Green Tea
    Information on Green Tea

    Japanese green tea and Chinese green tea

     There is no difference in taste, but there is a benefit to test the kinds of green tea. </strong><noscript><img class= Black Tea The most consumed tea in our country
    Black Tea It is the most consumed tea type in our country.

    Black Tea Production Steps:

    1. Fading
    2. Black tea is the most consumed tea in our country.
    3. Drying
    4. Drying
    5. Sorting and Packing

    Fading [19659000] Newly collected tea leaves contain about 70% water and are hardened. By applying heat to tea leaves, the water in the leaves is reduced by 30%.

     Tea Fading Process</figcaption><noscript><img class= Tea bending process
    Tea bending process

    Fermentation ( Oxidation


    The factor that determines the quality of the tea is the fermentation process the better the quality of tea is obtained. The fermentation determines the taste, smell, color and aroma of the tea. If the fermentation period is exceeded, the quality of the tea falls and its aroma decreases.

     Tea fermentation
    Tea fermentation process

    Drying process

    The process of drying the tea last time, that is, the process of getting tea from the market drying process. After the fermentation process, there is still 40% water in the tea. This ratio is reduced to a minimum of 2-3% by drying process. The purpose of the drying process is to terminate the oxidation process by baking the tea leaf and to prevent the tea from oxidizing (19459019) taste, smell, aroma . ” width=”500″ height=”300″ />

    Tea Drying Process

    Sorting and Packing

    Sorting and packaging is the process of sorting the dried tea by the size of the dried tea in the last stage and packaging it as a quality quality packaging.

    What are the Benefits of Black Tea

    Includes polyphenols, which are antioxidants that help prevent DNA damage [19659000] Green Tea

    What is the Benefits of Black Tea

    It has the effect of weakening like tea.

  • Oolong
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances immunity. [19659000] 3- How to produce Oolong Crops Benefits and Benefits

    Oolong It is a tea variety obtained from flowers. The production process is not very big, and the green tea is less black than the black tea. So he's having a moderate fermentation. There is a taste of chrysanthemum as taste. It is an extremely useful antioxidant.

     Oolong River
    Oolong River

    How to Oolong River How to Demolish

    Oolong tea is brewed in a different way than other tea. Instead of using a steel teapot, choose to brew in a glass teapot on porcelain. For this reason, steel teapot will also taste the tea you drank before, which will cause the taste of the tea to deteriorate. You will use Rinse with hot water before using the dipper. Then wash 5 grams of oolong tea in boiling water. After washing, drain the water and keep washed tea for 5 minutes. After waiting for tea, stir in a porcelain pan with 100 degrees boiling water and wait for 10 minutes. Do not exceed 10 minutes. After the tea is brewed, take the tea pulp another time and only drink the tea. If you do not do this, the tea will continue to brew and the taste will deteriorate.

    Oolong Tea can be taken 1 time

    Oolong Tea Benefits

    • Oolong Tea Cholesterol Good income
    • Strengthens blood vessels
    • Thirst
    • Good for Teeth and Tooth
    • Strengthens Digestive System
    • It helps to weaken like other types of tea

    Oolong Tea Side Effects Attention!

    Oolong Tea raises blood pressure hypertension patients should not use this tea . I mean that tea is forbidden to them. Oolong tea misses sleep and also creates low risk in pregnancy. How to Produce the Kukicha Stream

    Kukicha is a special Japanese tea prepared by mixing the stem of the tea plant and the stem of leaves together with the tea leaves and then roasting after drying. This tea, rich in antioxidants, rich in minerals and vitamins, contains little caffeine. Kukicha has a unique flavor and aroma compared to other green teas.

     Kukicha Cayı
    Kukicha Cayı

    Kukicha tea is a Japanese tea. The best quality teas come from Japan.

    How to Steep Tea

    Be careful of the cleanliness of the teapot you will use first! Instead of steel, prefer to use a glass bowl or porcelain teapot is always more convenient for health; it is still your preference. The teapot will also cause the taste of the lime tea that has formed over time to deteriorate. Keep your teapots clean.

    1. Choose drinking water instead of fountain water, fill the bottom of your teapot with drinking water.
    2. Put 2 tablespoons on the top of your teapot. Add a sweet spoonful of sugar on top of your tea pot ( Tea on top ). She'il get the tea poison. A softer taste will emerge.
    3. Empty boiling water until you have 1 finger remaining in your brew and leave to brew.

    How do we know that tea is dipped?

    After 5 minutes of boiling the tea, open the cover of the tea, check that the tea does not collapse. If the tea does not collapse, the tea is not ready yet.

    In general, the most common mistake is that when the tea is brewed, the bottom of the tea is closed and the more the tea is boiled, the more clear it becomes.

    How to Demolish Tea in a Bag Tea [196590107] How to Demolish a Tea in a Tea Soaking Tea

    Instead of a tea fountain, you can brew it with drinking water like normal tea. The tea should be added to the boiling water according to the number of people. ( Add how many persons the tea bags are in their packaging considering the writer. ). When the water is boiling, the added tea bag swings more quickly than normal tea, which makes it easier to dissolve because the tea in it is thin. The duration of the fermentation is shorter than normal, ie the duration of the tea bag is 10 minutes.

    How long should tea be consumed? How Long Does Tea Decay?

    The tea should be consumed as soon as possible. This time should be at least half an hour and at most 1 hour. This minute is not included in the tea's steaming season, which means that these times are valid after brewing. If it has not been consumed in this period, the tea life is exhausted and it has to be poured.

    If tea is cooled again, if it is reheated and drunk again, it will cause serious stomach problems. So when the tea is cold, it should not be consumed again.

    The Weight of Tea Collected

    I am writing this article according to the information I received from a friend who made tea agriculture. Tea leaves 3 times a year, 4 times a farmer leaves the leaves are harvested and sold to tea factories. Tea is a profitable source of income for the year as it yields more than one year of harvest.

     Harvest of the farmer
    Harvest of the farmer

    This price is 2.5 TL per kilo by the year 2018.

    In your mind, When 1 kg of tea given by the farmer is processed, it does not turn into 1 kilo. After fermentation and drying, 1 kg of tea leaves 300-400 grams of tea.

    So when a company that produces tea grows 2.5 TL in weight from the farmer, . In general, the average price per kilo of tea sold in stores is between £ 20-25. [19659098] Tea Farm Things Places in Turkey [19659099] it is a plant that grows in moist soil Tea withstand drought.

  • Tea Production ” width=”500″ height=”300″ />
    Tea Production Region Tea Production Region

    • Ordu
    • Giresun
    • Trabzon
    • Rize
    • Artvin
    • This region is the only Black Sea region in our country. ] Turkey's our tea meets the requirements of this province.

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