Everything We Know About PlayStation 5

One of the best-selling gaming consoles, PlayStation 4, is in the process of beginning the end. The PlayStation 5 is ready to lead the next generation of consoles, although the PS4 has been in the hearts of players for more than five years.

One of the most popular gaming consoles, the PlayStation series has always been a favorite of the players. Knowing this, Sony, released in 2013 to leave the PlayStation 4 to prepare for the next generation. While the Japanese company is keeping the mystery behind PlayStation 5, we don't know a few things. Here is everything that is known about PS5.

Traditionally, console manufacturers upgrade their consoles to the next generation every 5 or 6 years. This time, however, he did not update either Microsoft Xbox or Sony PlayStation.

Although Sony has not said anything about introducing the PS5, analysts predict that the new console will be introduced by the end of 2020 to the beginning of the year 2021. Avi Greengart, research director of GlobalData's consumer devices, said Microsoft would introduce its new Xbox at E3 2019 in June, and Sony will be launching a new console next year, without waiting too long



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In 2013, the PS4, which was worth $ 399, is now available for $ 299. However, technology has changed dramatically since 2013 and the increase of the power of the equipment used increases the costs. That's why Sony is likely to sell the PS5 at a minimum of $ 399 and is likely to have a price tag of $ 499.

New features

There are two rumors that have emerged so far: backward compatibility and virtual reality. The information reported by the Gear Nuke blog, generated through a Japanese patent, says the PS5 will officially support games up to the original PlayStation 1. Of course, we should mention that not every game may have this support,

In Virtual Reality, it is said that Sony will design the processor and GPU with this in mind and thus offer a smoother VR experience than the PS4 Pro.



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New games

The list of games that can be introduced shortly after the release of PlayStation 5 is as follows:

The Last of Us: Part 2
Ghost of Tsushima
Cyberpunk 2077
Call of Duty PS5
Battlefield PS5
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Developing hardware and games industry to produce games to use this equipment, console manufacturers seem to have started to push. The fact that Microsoft and Sony are now making a breakthrough without waiting for players and launching next-generation gaming consoles will make the industry more mobile than it is.