Exciting Price of Nvidia RTX 2080 Released

The price of the new video card RTX 2080, which Nvidia is preparing to introduce in the near future, has emerged.

The price of the RTX 2080 graphics card at the level of the Turing-based flagship, which Nvidia will soon hear, has emerged. The price raised by someone allegedly close to Nvidia's management in Baidu may be a welcome addition to the new generation of graphics cards. According to the statement, the RTX 2080 will be priced at $ 649. At this price, the RTX 2080 will be $ 50 cheaper than the $ 699 GTX 1180Ti.

While this price has not yet been met, the RTX 2080 seems to be exciting for everybody waiting for it. Still, it's a good idea to be cautious, because Nvidia's other Turing-based RTX series graphics cards are expected to have fairly high prices.


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According to information from the same source, the RTX 2080 will have 3.072 CUDA core capable of overclocking at 1.920 MHz and 2.500 MHz. The RTX 2080, expected to be more capable (at least on paper) than the Nvidia Titan V, will be one of Nvidia's most powerful graphics cards. It is probable that the screen card will be introduced in the following weeks, which is intriguing at the price.