Exodus Spyware Detected on iOS

A security company detected a spyware that can be installed on iPhones using Apple's application certificate. The iOS version of the software has been detected in a third-party application in the market, but has not yet passed the App Store's firewall


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According to Lookout, the iOS version of Exodus appears when a certain ’phishing’ site is entered in Italy and Turkmenistan. The software is a little more simple in the Android version. If the software is installed on a device, all call history, photos, videos, voice recordings, GPS information and location of the device can be accessed. The iOS version of the software also connects to the same server as the Android version.


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The Exodus attack initially used corporate certificates signed by Apple. This allowed the attackers to download the app to their devices even though they were downloading from outside the App Store. Apple has suppressed these certificates and the attacks were suppressed. This event, however, shows that iOS devices can also be attacked by cyber attacks. The best option is to stay connected to Apple's official App Store apps.