Facebook 3rd Party Sites Alert Notice Begins

Many people prefer to log in with their Facebook account to quickly pass through the process of registering on their website. Facebook will now notify account holders with notifications when such entries are made.

As one of the login options for most web sites, many mobile games and smartphone apps facebook we are used to seeing. Many people prefer the option to log in with Facebook as it speeds up the membership and approval process.

Often with security vulnerabilities Facebookbegins to help their users decide how much information they choose to share. The first step is third party send notifications to users logged in to applications. In the notification, you can see which application or site you're logged in to, and if you want, you can remove the application's access to your account.

Facebook is taking precautions against potential dangers:


It was so easy to log in with Facebook, which was almost the main method of logging into a site for a significant number of people. Although this convenience is interesting, there are potential dangers. When a site or application accesses your profile, you provide them with your own information and Facebook He has learned something more about you.

Many users don't actually know what platforms Facebook has and how much data they have about their users. A study conducted in October last year, many people Instagram and WhatsApp He didn't know it belonged to Facebook. Another study found that three quarters of users Facebook he didn't know the amount of information he had, and when he learned, he was uncomfortable with it.

Facebook is trying to improve data privacy:


Last year FacebookAfter the scandals in 2018, it determined its general strategy as keeping existing users and acquiring new users. Software engineers of the company Puxuan Qiannounced the new feature “We understand that people are sensitive about their privacy and related information, and we develop our products in such a way as to honor these views and take steps”.


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Nevertheless when logging in to another site Facebook It is not clear how reliable it is to log in with. Perhaps this move will lead people to learn more about it.

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