Facebook Announces Its New Platform Hotline

US-based social media giant Facebook announced the Hotline, a platform similar to Clubhouse and Instagram Live. The platform, where a public live broadcast is held for the first time today, offers creators the opportunity to organize a Q&A event.

Facebook has been known to be working on a new Clubhouse-like feature for a while. Now the company’s R&D team is NPE Team, Hotline announced the new feature called. Hotline, a web-based application where content creators can communicate with their followers via text or voice and make questions and answers, A mix of Instagram Live and Clubhouse It comes across as.

At this point What separates the Hotline from the Clubhouse The biggest difference is that content creators can also use video instead of just sound. Investor Nick Huber was the first to publicly test Facebook’s new feature.

There is no mobile version yet:


According to the reports, Hotline operates differently from Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. At this point, instead of just voice conversations like in Clubhouse, the app is used by the creators. video to use and in this way, it enables him to do a Question and Answer activity.

The basic of the application Question answer component includes creators answering questions from viewers via text, while viewers can re-vote any questions they want answered and then engage in ongoing chat. with emoji responses they can respond.

However, unlike Clubhouse, Hotline records conversations automatically. MP3 (ses) and MP4 (video) These recordings taken in formats are then presented to the content creators so that they can be published on other social networks.

There is currently a website for Facebook’s new feature. After users enter this address With a Twitter account sign in and then SMS verification they have to. At this point, TechCrunch reported that Facebook is also working on mobile versions of the application.


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It is not yet known when the application will be made available to the general public and when mobile versions will be released. We will continue to inform you as new details about the application come in. To be aware of the developments on follow thick.

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