Facebook Closes Accounts Affecting US Elections

Facebook has begun to pay attention to manipulative ads following the 2016 US elections, while fake accounts are closed when new elections are on the way.

After a lawsuit allegedly affecting the elections, Facebook began struggling to survive the same thing in the 2018 US midterm elections. The giant social network discovered the evidence of a coordinated electoral campaign targeting future elections; Removed 32 fake pages and accounts created between March 2017 and May 2018.


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Although the responsibilities of the co-ordinated election campaign are still unknown, Facebook is working hard to survive what happened to Russia in 2016 due to ads related to Russia. The campaign allegedly used several masking methods to hide the addresses and information of the owners. For this reason, Facebook, which is not fully successful with the trail, does not have enough knowledge to hold Russia accountable for the campaign.


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The pages traced by Facebook generally converge around the USA's sensitive debates about the politicians and immigrants. It is stated that only 29 of the 290 thousand accountants have a loyal follower number. Facebook took a look at the details of these suspicious accounts from the event numbers to their followers.


In the November elections, it was possible to reach a large-scale area by holding election campaigns for months at a time.
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Facebook also publicly shared its struggle against political and counterfeit commercials with methods such as artificial intelligence and human monitoring. The company also requested relevant help from partners such as the Atlantic Council, which previously recognized the Facebook group from Russia. Technical companies have been less successful with manipulative advertising because the White House did not act despite the fact that there were so few