”Facebook Coin can't compete with Bitcoin.“

Kripto bull Mike Novogratz: 19 Facebook Coin can't compete with Bitcoin. 2

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novograz recently announced It appeared in Squawk Box, where Bitcoin and the crypto currency industry discussed the current state of the industry. Novograz, crypto announced that it was finally over and the Facebook Coin could not be a competitor of Bitcoin

A bit more than typical altcoin

As expected, the first question was about the crypto winter. Novogratz believes that the industry is rising. The Galaxy Digital CEO says that different Bitcoin versions are over-circulating in the market, but that the number one crypto money makes itself a value store. Novogratz explained to CNBC's host Andrew Ross Sorkin:

And now we see that Bitcoin has really emerged as a means of preserving value. Bitcoin won this title. There are many other parts of the crypto universe, but the Bitcoin value store was accepted.

The Wall Street legend continued to explain that in it is hard to touch something because it is worth something u and this is just a unique thing that is attributable to Bitcoin and its subtle. When he asked who took BTC at the moment, Novogratz said the corporate companies have already moved to the crypto market. As a few examples, he has shown the Yale Foundation, the Stanford Foundation and Fidelity

and his Bitcoin rivals

entered the Facebook crypto market, inevitably the main topic of the discussion after the discovery that the launch of the crypto money was scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. became. Novogratz has made it clear that it is ın wildly important kesin for the crypto ecosystem and Facebook is profitable. The latter said it would not be possible to compete with Bitcoin because it was perceived as a means of payment, not as a value store.


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