Facebook Continues to Expand Blockchain Team

One of the largest companies in the world, Netflix, Amazon, Youtube and Google, which is among the biggest five with Facebook, is known as one of the most interested in Blockchain technology.

While Facebook is still Coin, the company also continues to add to the Blockchain team.

As can be seen on Facebook's job postings page, the company is looking for a team leader who will provide commercial partnerships with Blockchain technology and provide the company with the necessary business partnerships in this area.

Facebook's job description according to his job in this field will begin the person; In order to better present Blockchain products, it is required to provide agreements with various organizations and to present these products in the international market.

It is also aimed to inform the customer about legal risks, to create business strategies and to help the company in other matters.

Facebook ' In addition to a minimum of 5 years of legal experience, the person to be hired in this area must have a minimum 4-year history in the field of technology. At the same time, if there is a person who will be interested in mobile and alternative payment methods, this will be a big plus for the institution.

The company which continues and exerts the crypto and Blockchain breakthrough in recent days is no longer a matter of curiosity.