Facebook Messenger After the Great Update

Messenger, the messaging platform that works with social media giant Facebook's main service, suffered a major outage after a day of problems in the main application.

Facebook Messenger is facing a serious problem. In mobile versions of the app, some users say the home screen is never loaded, some on the home screen, but messages can not be sent. At the same time, users who can enter messages say that past messages are missing.

There are rumors that messages on Messenger are stored by Facebook even if the user does not even delete them forever. Even if this is not the case, Facebook can not delete messages based on their own head. Therefore, if the messages are missing, it is also understood that the problem is caused by the servers.

While the problems are mainly concentrated on the European continent, complaints come from all over the world. The Facebook app on Android, updated the other day, did not show users online either. It is noteworthy that Messenger had a problem after a day of troubleshooting.

While Facebook does not make a clear statement of the source of the problem, the suspicions about a software problem are getting less and less. The release of Facebook, which is expected to make a declaration for developers, is highly anticipated.