Facebook Opens War on Ukrainian Test Producers

Constantly among friends "How well do you know me?"

Two of the people who used Facebook users' personal data to test applications, sold it to advertising for advertising purposes, or the two people who were using the data themselves, were sued by the social media and Silicon Valley giants. This was the backdrop of years of personal data theft.

Between 2017 and 2018, two people, Gleb Sluchevsky and Andrey Gorbachov, had about 63,000 Facebook users; horoscopes, characters, and many other tests including popularity and similar incentives to create malicious browser plug-ins. At the same time, 4 people – like FQuiz and Supertest – had their own website, asking for personal questions in their tests.


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Test applications with the Connect to Facebook account will access only a limited amount of data. Then, the user wants to download a browser plug-in application, the user's Facebook account provides access to all the data. Over the past year, they have reported that over 81,000 users have sold their messages.


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A total of 120 million Facebook users have been stolen by two people, while Facebook says that their reputation has been severely damaged by selling private messages. Social media giant Facebook spending $ 75,000 to find the gap in the system, however, the introduction of the test is carried out at the request of the users and accepts a responsibility to transfer.