Facebook, Pepper, Panasonic: Anything else?

Facebook shows music videos: Facebook is said to have agreed with Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music to be able to show their music videos in the future, such as Bloomberg reports. With this, the social network Youtube could compete a little.

Job market

  1. Vodafone GmbH, Ratingen
  2. Lidl Digital, Neckarsulm, Berlin

Router: AVM has that Fritz! Box 6850 LTE presented. This corresponds to the older Fritz! Box 6850 5G, but only supports 4G with 2×2 instead of 4×4 MIMO. It is used by Deutsche Telekom.

Ubisoft fights at Netflix: Based on the Splinter Cell series of games according to Variety an animated TV series for Netflix. Two seasons with eight episodes each are currently planned, the producer is Derek Kolstad (John Wick). So far there is no information about the broadcast date.

Youtube stops community contributions: As of September 28, 2020, YouTube will deactivate community contributions in all channels – i.e. the subtitles and descriptions added by viewers to videos. One of the reasons for the end is according to Youtubethat the posts have recently been repeatedly misused for spam.

Please put on a mask: The Japanese technology group Softbank has its robot Pepper equipped with a face mask recognition. The robot is intended for use in public spaces such as in shops or at airports, i.e. where it is recommended or mandatory to wear masks during the Covid 19 pandemic. If Pepper meets a person without or with a wrong mask, he draws attention to the misconduct and asks for correction.

AWS translates Office documents: Amazon’s Translate service now supports Microsoft’s Office formats .docx, .xlsx and .pptx in addition to text and HTML. 55 languages ​​are currently supported.

Panasonic wants to do without cobalt: Tesla’s 2170-format battery cells are to be built in a new Panasonic battery factory. The NCA cathodes should only have a cobalt content of less than 5 percent. In In the next few years, the proportion is expected to drop to zero. Golem has already reported this possibility.

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