Facebook Starts to Use a New Method for Translating

Facebook has had bad days lately, but there are thousands of people working on the bottom of the app.

Facebook, which has been in our lives for many years and is perhaps one of the most renewing applications, has started to use a new method for translating languages ​​nowadays. Having many versions on different levels, from English to Urdu, Facebook started using a method called Unsupervised Machine Learning.

The method, which will be used especially in the translation of non-common languages, will be open-source and can be downloaded from GitHub. On the other hand, adding such a structure to the application also requires a large amount of data. At this time, the translation method using the combination of word translation, language models and back translation will be different for each category.


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For example, word translation is a translation of a sentence; language models translate books or texts. The method of translating the expressions of a person who speaks with a refusal; By translating between the two languages, Facebook will become a more familiar platform. Speaking about the subject, experts say the method is currently being studied and that work continues