Facebook Stops Facebook Lite Support on iOS Devices

Facebook Lite application developed by Facebook to be used in low-system smartphones lost its support on iOS devices. Users who want to enter the application are faced with a special notification message.

Many application developers with high user numbers release “Lite” versions of their applications in order to work smoothly on low-level smartphones. These versions make the phone much less tiring when performing the basic tasks of the app as they offer less features. Social media giant Facebook, one of the developers of this application, is for Facebook, one of the most used social media platforms in the world.Facebook LiteHe published an application named ”.

Although the company’s Lite app is preferred by people using especially entry-level and old phones, Facebook is now iOS for devices Lite version of the support to made the decision. Some Facebook Lite users in Brazil announced that they received a warning message that the app was disabled when they tried to launch the apps. A Facebook spokesperson told MacMagazine, “Due to the small number of uses and improvements we have made to improve the experience in our apps iOS we will not support Facebook Lite on devices“Statements were included.

In fact, the company claimed that Facebook Lite had more than 200 million monthly users in 2017, and it was announced that there were more than 1 billion downloads for the Android version in 2018. However, over the years, people turning to new smartphones stopped using the Lite version of social media. Especially iOS usersThey were installing the Facebook app directly instead of Facebook Lite on their phones. The company does not seem to want to give more support to the already unused application.


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Doesn’t affect Android users

The decision to shut down Facebook Lite currently only concerns iOS users. Android users Facebook LiteThey can continue to access. Time will tell whether Facebook will make similar moves in the Android version in the upcoming period.