Facebook User Personal Data Revealed

The personal data of 12 million accounts on the social media platform Facebook from Vietnam turned out to be on a server. The leaked personal data includes information such as name, birthplace, GPS coordinates, Facebook usernames and IDs.

Facebookhold on to the hegemony of the social media platform on the Internet over the past few years, Cambridge Analytica He survived a series of badges ranging from scandals like. Additionally, vulnerabilities and privacy issues continue to hurt the company. A hacker just a few weeks ago 267 million He was caught trying to sell Facebook's personal data.

Although the company claims that it has taken measures to combat these problems, similar problems continue to occur. Finally, Safety Detectives's research team revealed that 12 million Facebook users in Vietnam have leaked data. Data by researchers Elasticsearch and found records from the violation against Vietnamese users last January.

A lot of personal data has emerged


It is thought that not all data is from Facebook and multiple sources are in the game. Details on how perpetrators have captured data of this size are also unknown. 3 GBThe data on is mostly information used to identify the person (PII). Among these data those include:

  • Name surname
  • Place of birth
  • Where he currently lives
  • Education information
  • Date of birth
  • GPS coordinates
  • Email addresses
  • Facebook usernames and IDs
  • Profile points
  • Family relationships with other Facebook users

All this with the personal data of the attackers to the victims blackmail It shows that they can do, they can carry out complex e-fraud attacks supported by social engineering, and they can spam users with marketing and malicious messages. Worse, GPS data Intruders using it can compromise users' physical security.



Facebook Messenger to Detect Fraudsters with Machine Learning

The server where the leak is found by Facebook it is closed. However, the company's data security vulnerabilities continue to create question marks. On the other hand, the personal information that users give to social media platforms such as Facebook limit is thought to be necessary. Although Facebook has taken some precautions regarding data breaches, the problems continue.