Facebook's 50 Million User Accounts are in Danger

Facebook has been unable to stand up to its security problems and has announced an attack on more than half of its users. Facebook, which has found a security vulnerability, has reset the automatic entry of accounts against attackers. Facebook is aware of a security breach that allows attackers to take over user profiles, made a press release.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the social network, announced in a press release that the security breach was a serious problem and that it was taking measures. ] We contacted law enforcement to help identify the attackers, kanun said Zuckerberg.


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In another press release, Facebook Product Management Vice President Guy Rosen said that the issue was in the View As feature. Rosen said the problem was because of a security vulnerability that caused users to see what their profile looked like from other users' viewpoint. Rosen has announced that 50 million user affected users have reset access tokens. As a result, a total of 90 million Facebook users will need to log in with their password automatically. Guy Rosen said the attacker was still inaccessible and didn't know what the attacker had access to.