Facebook's AR Effects come to Instagram

Only 'AR' effects used on Facebook will be available for Instagram users in near future.

Nowadays, with Facebook leadership, we are beginning to see that all applications gradually resemble one another. One of the parties affected by these interactions is undoubtedly Instagram in the Zuckerberg method


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Instagram plans to move the 'Increased Reality' effects that are actively used on Facebook to its own platform. When we look at the inner side of the application, we see the fact that these effects are tailored to Instagram.

The most enjoyable aspect of this feature is that we can say that the applied effects can be created by the users on demand. Even better, you will be able to easily copy the effects created on this kind of drawing from the story of your friends. The feature that will come out with a kind of library system will be able to appeal to all users with the name of the effect owners and each user will be able to use the effects made by others