Facebook's dating service is late due to privacy concerns

Since September, Facebook has been trying to bring mate-seekers together in 20 countries. In the EU that should Facebook dating mentioned offer go online today Thursday. Nothing will come of it. The data company did not do its homework on data protection in time.

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As the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) announced on Wednesday, it was only informed about the planned start of Facebook Dating on February 3, just ten days in advance. And apparently by means of an informal memo: "Our concerns were heightened by the fact that on February 3, we were not given any information and documentation about the data protection impact assessment or the decision-making process that was carried out on Facebook Ireland", criticized the DPC,

Last Monday, the DPC itself looked into Facebook's EU headquarters in Ireland and got the relevant files there. The word house search avoids the DPC. On the night of Wednesday, Facebook then announced that Facebook dating, which is available in the USA, will not be launched in the EU for the time being.

For the time being, EU citizens will have to go looking for a partner using old patriotic methods such as ballroom dancing or Grindr. By the way, Irish data protection officers are also investigating the Tinder dating app.


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