Facebook's Decision Not to Send Staff to Political Offices

Facebook is now terminating sending staff to its political campaign offices. Facebook is now shaken by the scans of Cambridge Analytica. Previously, the social media giant, sending its staff to the offices, provided direct support to the campaigns. However, with the new decision, Facebook will now offer free advertising to all political parties on the internet. The platform, where thousands of people live, has become the focus of interest for political parties because they contain many different ideas and sexes. Even US President Donald Trump said that the digital sector was effective in winning the elections

. However, Trump rejected Facebook's call. According to the results, Clinton spent $ 28 million on Facebook ads and $ 44 million on Trump


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Facebook's decision, right after this, Twitter and Google rightly translated eyes. Platforms that are expected to go after Facebook by doing a similar application, have not given any explanation about this application yet. However, these two platforms, which are known to offer political aid to campaigns, have recently made this kind of attempt.