Facebook's VR Headsets Easter Egg Scandal

Facebook has a big scandal with the security of users. For virtual reality technologies, Oculus is the subject of discussion of data leaks, while secret messages are being sent to the users with tags that appear on the headphones produced in co-production with Oculus

. The label scandal in the virtual reality headsets, which they collaborated with Oculus company, was revealed by Nate Mitchell, co-founder, on Twitter

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The event is relevant to a label found in the prototypes produced. A number of articles were written on a label inside the devices. Nate Mitchell said in his statement that the labels produced for the prototypes are in a lot more products. Nate Mitchell doesn't say anything about it. In some of the perceptions, there were different writings such as "this space for rent" and some for "masons were here", "big brother watching you". This leads to questions about whether there is a large data leak. It was also the case that the Oculus products on the market were original or fake, and this label came up with the scandal.

Mitchell also noted that they had to be removed and that the situation was corrected. However, the question marks in mind were still too much. This situation, which is called surprise egg in the industrial area, is generally for the fun of the developers and technicians.

If you come across such a label on Oculus devices, you should know that you don't have to worry about it first. If you use these devices as a developer, and if you found such a label, it is recommended not to use the codes. Some users are preparing to sell the tags on the black market.