Fake poster hanging on McDonald's was quickly viral

The young people who realized that there were no advertising images of far-eastern people in their upcoming McDonald's restaurant became the protagonist of an event that turned into a virile on the internet by hanging their banners.

McDonald's, a mysterious child with a mascot-sharing character, Significant achievement in terms of success;

Although McDonald's has left the rest of the fast-food chain in our country, it is still one of the most well known companies around the world. An interesting event that happened in the past days quickly spread on the internet, causing the name of the giant fast-food chain to be smiled.


            Apple Store-like Restaurant from McDonald's

A group of friends who decided to eat at McDonalds noticed that there were no far-eastern people among the dozens of commercials in the restaurant they were constantly visiting. The group of friends from Asia moved away from the scene by taking a photo similar to the banners found in the restaurant.

The group of friends who printed their photos as a big poster managed to secretly photograph their walls.

The poster in question has not been noticed by any McDonald's worker for exactly 51 days. Even the heady, far-eastern friend group of visuals often took McDonald's by eating in front of their own banners.