Falling from the Dollar's Dollar Crypto Can Open the Front of the Money

Crypto is a controversial topic that has been spoken over many years for making money a 'preferred method of payment' for product and service payments, leaving the nominal money behind. This issue has become more fervent, especially by 2017, and has become much more widely spoken.

One of the names that commented on the future situation of the crypto money was Niall Ferguson, a respected historian.

Some sources point out that while participating in Ferguson on the role that crypto money will play a big role in the future, Ferguson has made the most preferred crypto-money They claim to be Ripple (XRP), not Bitcoin. The greatest reason for Ripple's reliance is the possibility of Ripple's agreement with central banks of some countries in the coming years .

Of course, the crypto money of the future will include Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, There are also people who think they will be, and everyone supports their views with various arguments. People with this kind of opinion generally think that crypto money will play a big role in the future because they think that crypto money has a much better structure than the nominal money.

However, there are other reasons to be hopeful for the future of crypto money. The future role of crypto money will in fact be determined by external factors. Crypto money can develop very seriously in itself, but other factors need to be developed in favor of crypto money. For example, the USD's loss of value and credibility over time makes the work of crypto money much easier. A similar view was raised by Lazard's CEO, Kenneth M. Jacobs. According to Jacobs, US foreign policy may eventually lead to the USD falling from its' most preferred currency 'position.

Jacobs' comments on US foreign policy are:

we will be pushing the rest of the world to find an alternative as long as we have a biased foreign policy and a unilateral trade policy.

Jacobs also added:

"As crypto money, living changes […]it is now time for a new alternative in the world to be formed "

Jacobs points out that foreign policies that the United States implements can drive other countries to seek an alternative, a way out. Does this kind of thing seem familiar? It should not be forgotten that Venezuela created its own digital money just a few months ago because of the policies and sanctions imposed by the United States. There are even rumors that countries such as Russia and Iran are cooperating with Venezuela "underground" to avoid sanctions imposed by the United States.

When the future of crypto money is talked about, the crypto money is always focused on the developments that the crypto money will live, but other factors can be ignored. However, it should not be forgotten that 'other factors' can open the front of crypto money. Just like Venezuela, which went to create digital money because of the US press.