Famous Fortnite Publisher Ninja's Game Settings and Equipment

Ninja brings her equipment and game settings to her followers as well as her successful acting, one of the first names that came to mind when she was fornite.

It is now considered to be the most popular battle royale game, For many Twitch publishers, Fortnite has become a form of gateways. Undoubtedly Ninja is at the head of the rising names in the recent period of game publications. Especially with his successful Fortnite game and fun presentation, Ninja increased his popularity day by day and shared his game settings, which is one of the pieces behind his success in the past days, with his followers. Here are Ninja's game settings and equipment:

Does not Play with Maximum Display Capabilities

Playing all the features at the top of a game is extremely enjoyable, but sometimes it can lead to loss of performance. Being aware of this, Ninja's display settings are as follows:

Shadows Off
Anti-aliasing Off
Retouches Off


Ninja has a game monitor called Alienware 25, which has a refresh rate of 240Hz. With a price tag of $ 480, the device delivers a smooth gaming experience by minimizing frame losses thanks to the refresh rate. Bottom note: Regardless of your monitor's model, it will be a plus for you to play at the maximum resolution it supports.


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Ninja chooses the Logitech 502 Proteus Spectrum and plays with a mouse with average value between 400 and 480 TL. Custom Mouse settings are as follows:

Mouse Sensitivity X (Horizontal): 0.09
Mouse Sensitivity Y (Vertical): 0.06
ADS: 0.60
Scope Accuracy: 0.40


Using the Logitech G610 for $ 85, the Ninja has an unusual key setting. 4. Use the "Z" key to select the weapon, the "X" key for the 5th weapon, the "5" key to select the trap, and the "Q" key to build the wall