Famous Modification Company MANHART Rebuilds BMW Z4

German tuning company MANHART Performance has modified BMW's Z4. In an effort to make the car unmistakable, an angry air was added to the car. With its design, sound and performance, the BMW Z4 has managed to attract attention every time, and this time it was handled by MANHART. The German tuning company has redesigned the Z4 far from the original. The MANHART team, who shared their modification work on Facebook, was once again applauded by their followers. MANHART has named the car's name as MHZ4 500. Here's the BMW Z4, modified by MANHART Performance

MANHART, which didn't explain the improvements it made on the BMW Z4, instead brought the visuality to the forefront and a little more aggressive Z4's already stylish design. Gold-colored lines integrated with MANHART were also used on the Z4. The gold lines, which were also used in the air intakes, added a different atmosphere to the Z4. The body kit, which was installed in the car, caused both the Z4 to be more bulky and to have a harder structure. The back of the MHZ4 500, which is applied to the rear side, also looks like this:


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The BMW Z4, which attracts attention with its sharp headlights, seems to be highly compatible with the gold lines. The company has not made a statement about performance until now. However, we are confident that the BMW Z4 with 340 horsepower will be further strengthened by the performance increase.