Famous Name Becomes Victim Because of Twitter's iPhone Feature

A Bollywood player, an iPhone phone over the iPhone, was featured on the iPhone due to a feature of Twitter.

Smartphone manufacturers see promotional agreements with celebrity names for phones they sell to the market as a good marketing strategy. After all, who does not want to get a smart phone that has a reputation that he loves? I guess nobody wants it. But smartphone makers have not yet noticed it.


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In the past, famous names such as Oprah Winfrey and Gal Gadot have made arrangements for device promotions with smartphone manufacturers. Ünlüler has published some photographs taken from social media accounts with the devices they are promoting in accordance with the agreement. The problem is that Twitter shows that your published content does not come from the iPhone.

Anushka Sharma, one of the Bollywood celebrities, has made an agreement with Google to promote the Pixel 2 XL. Under the terms of the agreement, Sharma has published some photos taken with Pixel 2 XL on Twitter and added some labels to explain that it was taken with Pixel 2 XL. The problem is that the tweet has clearly posted 'From Twitter for iPhone'.


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The fact that many famous names prefer to use the iPhone. Agreements made by producers with their fame do not change this fact. For this reason Apple does not deal with famous names to promote their iPhones, or they do not pay millions of dollars to use their phones. We hope Android producers will someday understand that this is not the right marketing.