Famous names like Dua Lipa and Lewis Hamilton come to FIFA 21

World famous names such as Dua Lipa, Lewis Hamilton and Dj Snake will be added to FIFA 21, according to the new screenshots and files revealed by data miners.

With the PES series falling back a lot in recent years, it has almost become a monopoly in the football game category. FIFAalthough it connects players more with Ultimate Team mode Time It seems that it will also make ambitious attempts to popularize the mod.

Game files discovered by data miners and screenshotsshows that developer Electronic Arts will add football legends as well as famous names from different fields such as fashion, motorsport, music to the Volta mode to popularize the FIFA 21 Volta mode.

Document showing that 10 world famous names will be added to FIFA 21

FIFA 21 future celebrities

Volta mode that integrates the theme of street soccer into the world’s most popular soccer game, Ultimate Team it was somewhat overshadowed by the mode’s extreme popularity. EA can make Volta a more popular mod by adding world famous names to this special mode.

As well as a young David Beckham in the video shared on the subject Dua LipaThere are some names we wouldn’t expect to see in a FIFA game like Lewis Hamilton and Dj Snake. Moreover, EA seems to give great importance to realism while making in-game modeling of these famous names.


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Regardless, it should not be forgotten that FIFA is a football game. For this reason, seeing famous names in FIFA 21 may seem like an exciting development for players at the beginning, but over time, interest may shift back to football. For now, Dua Lipa or other famous names when to add There is no information about it.

In-game footage of some of the celebrities coming to FIFA 21